ZeroGravity: Building Leaders for Christ

Hello ZeroGravity family!

At ZeroGravity, we’re more than just adrenaline junkies or music lovers; we’re mentors aiming to build a new generation of high-profile, high-capacity, and high-energy Christian leaders.

Spiritual Development

Joining ZeroGravity isn’t just about extreme sports or music. It’s about embarking on a spiritual journey towards becoming the person God designed you to be. We are committed to mentoring, developing, and preparing everyone who becomes part of our organization.

The Leader in You

We believe that God has blessed everyone with unique gifts, talents, and passions. Our aim is to help you realize those gifts and use them to make a global impact. Whether your talents lie in extreme sports, music, media, or motivational speaking, we provide a Christ-centered platform to grow and make a difference.

Bridging the Gap

In a rapidly changing world, traditional approaches often fall short. We’re here to bridge the gap between contemporary culture and true faith. By engaging with society through the lens of extreme sports and music, we challenge conventional ways of evangelism, inviting a new audience to experience the love and salvation of Jesus Christ.

Calling All Leaders

If you have a passion for Christ and a gift you think can help extend His kingdom, we invite you to join us. We don’t just want team members; we want spiritual warriors ready to make a difference in the world.

We are ZeroGravity: taking faith to new heights, at full throttle, with no limits. Come soar with us!