Using Extreme Measures in an Extreme World to reach an Extreme Culture.

ZGO performance menu

ZGO will draw people who may never seek a relationship with Christ on their norma life’s journey, darken the doorstep of a church, or attend a christian event.

A ZGO event is truly a turn-key extreme sports (X-games level) evangelistic performances. We can even bring our generators for the electricity if needed. ZGO can set up literally anywhere as long as our minimum performance area needs are met. We have a very impressive mobile set up that includes freestyle motocross take off ramps and landings, concert level sound system, bikes, 4 wheelers and cars that are highly modified for what we do. Just give us the performance area necessary and off the chain we go.

We would love the opportunity to perform at your event using an adrenaline filled approach of loving the least, the last, and the lost. You can also create a community outreach event around a ZGO performance.

We have many different performance capabilities to work within your budget

This menu of performances has been put together to give you a place to start, but also realize the sky is the limit! We are very skilled in our ability to custom design an EXTREME worship experience specific to your needs. We can include Production (stage, sound, lighting) Hip Hop, Rap, and other artists that we work with. ZGO performances are truly turn key! The only factors you consider would be how BIG do you want to go!

Every level is a

“Shock and Awe”

in your face encounter with JESUS!!

Wheels North

(2 Street Stunt riders
and DJ/Emcee)

Fast and Furious

(Super Quad and Drift Car,
2 drivers, DJ/MC)

Air 2 Air Combat

(2 Freestyle Motocross riders
and DJ/Emcee)

Urban Assault

2 FMX riders /1 stunt rider on Supermoto,
four wheeler, DJ/Emcee)


(2 FMX riders/2 stunt riders,
includes sport bike, Supermoto and Super Quad/ DJ and Emcee)


(3 FMX riders/2 Stunt rider’s wSuper quad and Drift car, DJ and Emcee).
This is a Ground shaking performance!!

The BIG Kahuna

(3-4 FMX riders, 3 Stunt rider’s wSuper quad, Drift Car, BMX/Skate, Vocals-hip Hop/Rap, Vocals-Rock, Vocals-Worship, 2 DJ’s and Emcee.
This is next level!!

Bring Zero Gravity to your community →

Believe it or not we can go even bigger and take it to a biblical level!!

Thank you to our awesome


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