A Symphony of Faith: Where Worship and Rave Music Meet

Hello ZeroGravity family!

Think worship music is all hymns and organs? Think again! At ZeroGravity, we’re setting the tune of faith to DJ and rave music.

A Different Beat

Our philosophy is simple: use extreme measures to reach an extreme culture. We love God, we love people, and we love music that gets our hearts pumping!

Why Rave?

Rave and DJ music, with its high energy and spirit-lifting melodies, serve as an incredible medium to express our joy and love for Christ. Just like how David danced to praise the Lord, we too find our expression of faith through the liberating beat of rave music.

A Universal Language

Music has no barriers; it’s a universal language that speaks to all hearts. By including rave music in our outreach events, we aim to break down the walls that often exist between the church and those who might see it as “outdated” or “irrelevant.”

Beyond Entertainment

The point isn’t just to entertain, but to connect people with the transformative power of Christ’s love. While the beats and melodies captivate our audiences, the message of salvation and hope remains at the forefront.

Through our extreme approach, we strive to reach those who are searching for a life full of purpose, meaning, and exhilarating joy that only comes from a relationship with Jesus.

So, the next time you hear a beat drop, let it be a reminder of the joy and fullness of life that comes with walking in faith.