Using Extreme Measures in an Extreme World to reach an Extreme Culture.

Zero Gravity Outreach

The most accurate description of a ZeroGravity Outreach (ZGO) event would be if a Billy Graham crusade, the X Games, the Fast & Furious, and a digital rock concert all collide in one one place! It is shock and awe, adrenaline filled worship that must be experienced! ZGO is over the top extreme sports evangelism.



Video Series

Video Series

2019 Performance Dates

May 18- Mike silva International Festival por la Vita,  Louisville KY

June 8 – Lifelight Cityfest Watford City  ND
August 30 – Lifelight youth youthcenter, Sioux Falls, SD
August 31 – Lifelight Cityfest Milbank, SD
October 4 & 5 –  Luis Palau Cityfest Tyler, TX
October 12 –  House of the Lord fellowship church  Austin, TX

The Experience

ZGO has an extremely unique Christ filled message of love, grace, forgiveness, and hope with an alter call at the apex of each performance. Our events include freestyle motocross, street bike stunt riding, 4 wheeler, BMX, Skate stunts, drift cars, and a digital rock concert with high energy DJ’s and Emcee. All this choreographed into one powerful and unforgettable performance.


“Step onto the battlefield with us”


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